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What type of seller are you?

Motivated? Ambitious? Undecided? Patient?
I will offer you a market solution adapted to your personal situation and based on the reality of today’s market.  
I will be your negotiator and will accompany you throughout the whole process of the sale of your home.  
I will coordinate your appointments and your “open house” visits, and will do all the appropriate follow-ups while using my learned skills and techniques to motivate your potential buyers.  
I will use various media outlets to insure a maximized market visibility of your property..  
I will provide you with all the necessary information in order that you may take just and enlightened decisions at all times.  
I will provide you with frequent status updates about the progression of your (very important) file.  
I will refer you to competent experts in the field (Brokers, mortgage, notaries, lawyers, etc.)  
I will insure you tranquility and peace of mind in the event of any lawsuits that may, cessation or in the rare case of the death of the buyer.  

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