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What type of buyer are you?

Independent? Motivated? Ambitious? Demanding?

My salary will be paid upon completion of the sale, insuring that you will not encounter any unexpected expenses along the way. The seller will have his broker and you will have yours.

Your interest is my priority.
I will suggest ways to ease your search and options that will allow for a greater selection of properties.  
I will do the applicable research in order to allow you to be well informed on the history of the property that interests you.  
I will organize and accompany you to your visits while providing a just and objective outlook on the property.  
I will be your negotiator and will accompany you throughout all the different steps of the purchase of your home. I will provide you with all the necessary information in order that you may take just and enlightened decisions.  
I will get to know you and will learn to understands your personal preferences in order to target and acquire your truly desired property.  
Will look out for you best interest in the affair, in order that together we may accomplish a successful transaction.  
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